About us

Founded in 1985, ELCAB BV is a stock-holding wholesaler of electrical cables.

ELCAB BV originally started with keeping TITANEX11 H07RN-F cable and RURWIL PUR / PUR cable on stock. Especially industrial customers found this cable to be of such high quality that the cable was soon prescribed by various customers. This was the very beginning of the stockholding function of ELCAB BV.

Soon several types of cables were requested and ELCAB BV could also provide for these types. Within a few years, the cable program of ELCAB BV has grown into a total package of electrical cables. From robust polyurethane cables for the heavy industry to security cables and installation for the utility market, everything is under one roof at ELCAB BV.

So if you are looking for QUALITY, you are looking for ELCAB BV.

Not only our cables have a high quality standard, our high service level can also be seen as Top-Quality. We often deliver from stock if required with a on-time shipment, we are available 24/7 for you and we offer total project management. Our excellent service is the backbone of ELCAB BV and we will continue to distinguish ourselves.