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ELCAB BV is convinced that what’s on stock will be sold. Availability is inextricably linked to the function of ELCAB BV as a total supplier of electrical cables.

If there is no stock available, then we act as a Cable Broker.

In the last 35 years, ELCAB BV has built up a worldwide network. ELCAB BV has partnerships with manufacturers and with trading partners.

Due to the close cooperation with the manufacturers and with the trading partners, we are almost always able to deliver, often within the set delivery period.

For almost 35 years, ELCAB BV has been working daily to improve its knowledge of electrical cables.

In addition to giving advice in strategic standard cables, we also advise and engineer for special cables. We will take the time and efforts to look at the current situation and the future situation and we are almost always able to offer a suitable solution.

ELCAB BV has the possibility to cut the cables on length and to put a label on the cable.

Deliveries can be delivered to you as well directly to your customer. Our deliveries that go straight to the end customers are always packed neutrally and are provided with your packing list. It is even possible to provide your shipment with your own tape.