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Datasheet PDF


LSOH fire signalisation cable

This cable is used as a voice line in intercom units and telephone extensions for fixed installation in dry and damp rooms, as well as on external walls, protected against direct sunlight. Also for outdoor use. Not suitable for burying underground. It is halogen free and highly flame retardant. The static shield made from plastic-laminated metal foil protects the cable circuits against external electrical interferences to maintain the necessary capacitive coupling values and ensure accurate pulse transmission. Installation advice: when laid, these cables must be unwound from the coil or ring without any twists or kinks.

Conductor Copper conductor, bare, solid, design structure according to DIN
VDE 0815/9.85 0.8 mm diameter, halogen-free insulation HI 2, wall
thickness 0.3 mm, cores stranded into pairs, 4 pairs stranded into
bundles, core wrapping made from halogen-free foil, static wrapping
with protective foil
Cores Halogen-free polymer compound HI 2 according to VDE 0207 part
23 according to VDE 0815, bundle labelling using code numbers
Drain wire Copper drain wire
Shield Made from plastic-laminated aluminium foil with drain wire
Outer sheath Halogen-free, flame-retardant HM 2


Technical data
Nominal voltage 300 V
Test voltage 800 V
Loop resistance Max. 130 Ohm/km
Insulation resistance Min. 100 MOhm x km
Cable attenuation At 800 Hz approx. 1.5 dB/km
Operating capacity Max. 120 nF/km
Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
Capacitive coupling For 100 m max. 300 pF
Min. installation temperature -5°C
Max. Installation temperature +50°C
Flame retardancy HM 2
Bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Ozone resistance HD 505.2.1 and 811
Smoke density HD 606 and IEC 601034-1, 601034-2 and BS 7622 parts 1+2


Product description Cu weight Outer Ø (mm) Weight (kg/km) Fire load (kWh/m)
J-H(St)H   2x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 25 8,5 77 000
J-H(St)H   4x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 45 10,5 135 0,47
J-H(St)H   6x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 65 12 165 0,58
J-H(St)H 10x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 106 15 250 0,89
J-H(St)H 20x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 206 19 420 1,53
J-H(St)H 30x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 307 22 620 2,22
J-H(St)H 40x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 407 25,5 850 2,83
J-H(St)H 50x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 508 27,5 1000 3,45
J-H(St)H 60x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 608 29,5 1150 3,95
J-H(St)H 80x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 809 33,5 1550 005
J-H(St)H 100x2x0.8 Bd BRAND 1.010 37,5 1850 6,28

Sheath colour